About Me

I’m Dan Hudson, a Personal Trainer in Solihull/Birmingham and this is my story of how I got into fitness.

I remember being a very lonely kid at school. I was terrible at sport, wasn’t very fit and the regular presence of bullies and teachers who didn’t care left me very isolated and hating school and education.

As a result of this, I was very angry and upset and remember skipping school a lot and pretending to be ill. When I was 14 my Mum and Dad brought me a gym membership and together we set the challenge of doing a mini triathlon It was nothing fancy, just a self-organised event to challenge myself and to raise a bit of money for charity, but doing this did so much more! I started training for it and even though I wasn’t the fastest or the strongest, I enjoyed the process of working hard and knowing it was paying off.

Three years on from this point I had completed my second ultra-marathon at 16 running 70 miles in 12 hours! Having a goal and targets to aim for showed me that although I wasn’t the fastest or the strongest I was driven, motivated and was not afraid of hard work. I applied this to whatever took my interest from rock climbing, to weight lifting and CrossFit.

In 2014, while being stuck in a job I wasn’t enjoying, I made the decision to become a Personal Trainer and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

I found a way to take my drive and motivation and apply it to my clients and started to get some fantastic results. I take great joy in celebrating other people’s achievements and the fact that I get to help people lose weight, get stronger and feel better about themselves is like a dream come true!

Over 3 years on now, I’ve taken all my challenges and difficulties, learnt how to beat them and am now teaching my clients how to get past their challenges and struggles. I love it and my clients see my passion for helping people and they know their in safe hands.

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