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I first contacted Dan to help me with my wedding goals of losing weight and toning up. At first I was quite nervous but I didn’t need to be. Dan helped me achieve my goals by setting small targets.

I have achieved a fitness level that I never thought was possible and has increased my confidence. In total I lost 5% of my body fat in 8 weeks and lost inches.

Post wedding I am continuing with my training sessions to help me with my next goal.

If you are thinking of contacting Dan for personal training but a bit nervous just try it out for one session and I am sure you will enjoy. I did and I am well on my fitness journey.


Dan is a great, friendly and upbeat guy who has helped me achieve my goals over the past few months. When I first started I hated the way I looked and how clothes fitted, I didn’t believe I could change that. However after just a couple weeks I noticed a vast improvement in my mood and body shape. Dans attitude and encouragement really helped me on this journey and I look forward to seeing where I can go next!


I realised I needed some help after seeing a picture of myself playing rugby with a massive beer belly and thought something has got to change. I contacted Dan as he offered an at home service which appealed to me as I don’t enjoy the gym environment very much. Dan very quickly spotted things that I was doing wrong with my diet and really pushed me with the exercise which is what I needed instead of giving up halfway through a workout.

The results speak for themselves as I lost 2st in weight, gained muscle on my upper body and my confidence really improved.


I’ve wanted to be healthier and lose weight for a while now and had never really found anything that worked for me. I was a bit nervous before I started working with Dan for various reasons but he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and set out goals for exercise and food.

The training sessions are hard work but so worth it! I’m finally getting the results I’ve been looking for! Whilst the sessions are hard, Dan is very encouraging and supportive – I would happily recommend him!


At the time I was regularly going to the gym but not making my time at the gym as productive as I could. Dan approached me and offered to give me personal training sessions to guide me and help me achieve my goals which were to put on lean muscle and bulk up.

Not only where the sessions productive and I felt like was I actually making use of my time at the gym as I should be. The training sessions where really good in the future I would definitely go back as Dan is a good trainer and a really good motivator as I was lifting more weight than I ever could imagine I ever would. He even gave me a diet plan and nutrition plan of what I should be eating and how many calories per day I should be consuming.

I would definitely recommend you joining as you won’t regret it that’s my guarantee.


Dan is a fantastic PT – very motivational, professional and friendly – always pushes me to my best capabilities as a great PT should do – very happy with my results so far and continued progress – would recommend highly


I’ve been meeting dan for 2 sessions every day over the Christmas holiday, as well as being on a no carb diet. It was really hard at first but after 2/3 weeks I am loving it now! I have lost 6lbs and 8%body fat. I’ve got 1 week left before uni and I can’t wait to see the final result! Thank you so much dan!


Dan’s enthusiasm and his knack for gradually increasing the difficulty of the workouts mean that I have got over my fears about exercising and always being the last one picked at school! The sessions are always different so I don’t know what to expect and he fits sessions round my busy work schedule.

I feel fitter and am definitely more toned (no more muffin top!).


Dan has been a great motivation in helping to get me wedding ready! No matter the weather he is always there getting us to push harder than we ever would have done in the gym and telling us we are doing great (even when we are struggling).

I would not hesitate to recommend him to family & friends! Thanks Dan!!


We have worked with Dan for over a year, initially once a week, then increasing to three times a week as our fitness improved. Alongside paying more attention to what we eat, we’ve trained consistently with Dan which has led to significant weight loss and much better shape.

We’d thoroughly recommend Dan; he’s very reliable and pushes us to work just when we need it the most. The results we’ve achieved so far have been fantastic.

Adrian and Anne

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